Storage Tanks

Kapasitas Tangki Timbun PT. SARANA AGRO NUSANTARA Unit DUMAI
ProductionQuantityTOTAL Capacity
Crude Palm Oil14 Units53.000 TONS
Crude Palm Kernel Oil (CPKO)1 Units3.000 TONS
Palm Acid Oil (PAO)1 Units3.500 TONS

Steam Boiler

To heat up palm oil in storage tanks, PT. Sarana Agro Nusantara Belawan Provide 4 (four) steam Boliers as follow:

  1. Trevor cap 6 ton steam/hour.
  2. Maxitem cap 5 ton steam/hour.
  3. Maxitem cap 5 ton steam/hour.


The Pumps that passesses in PT. Sarana Agro Nusantara Dumai which utilize for palm oil receiving are 6 (Six) pumps and for delivery are 8 (eight) pumps.

Piping System

PT. Sarana Agro Nusantara Dumai provides 7 (seven) Ø 6″ pipeline with pigging system for palm oil receiving, divided into 4 (four) pipeline for CPO and 3 (three) other each for RBD Olein, CPS and PFAD and for delivery there are 6 (six) pipeline, devided into 4 (four) Ø 8″ pipeline for CPO and 2 (two)  others Ø 6″ each for RBD Olein / CPS and PFAD

Electricity Power Plant

For generating electricity, besides Goverment electricity supply, PT. Sarana Agro Nusantara Belawan possesses 3 (three) units generator set with 265, 500, and 600 KVA in capacity.

Weight briding Instruments

There are 1 (one) weight bridging Instrument that utilize as comparison between receving/dispatch the palm oil from/to refinery/PT. Sarana Agro Nusantara Dumai which are 1 (one) units weight bridging for trucks by Avery Berkel with 40 Tons capacity.

Analysis Laboratory

To find out if the palm oil has the quality appropriate with the export standard, PT. Sarana Agro Nusantara Dumai has an analysis laboratory where can check and tested the palm oil and its fraction before recived and delivery. We always coordination with PT. Sucofindo as independent surveyor besude our own analyzed for tested the palm oil quality before delivered from our storage tanks.