Head Office:

Jalan Iman Bonjol No. 24 A-B

Medan (20151)

Phone: (061) 4568875, 4576213

Fax: (061) 4518654

Email: ho-medan@saranaagronusantara.com


Unit Belawan

7.900 Tons Warehousing Capacity

70 Units Storage tanks

139.124 M2 Land Area

4 Units Steam Boilers

3 Units Weight Bridging

8 Units Piping System

21 Units Pumps

3 Units Electricity Power Plant 547 KVA


Unit Dumai

15 Units Storage tanks

81.329 M2 Land Area

3 Units Steam Boilers

1 Units Weight Bridging

13 Units Piping System

14 Units Pumps

3 Units Electricity Power Plant 1.365 KVA



149.500 TONS Crude palm Oil (CPO)

10.025 TONS Crude Palm Kernel Oil (CPKO)

5000 TONS Molases (Gula Tetes)

165.050 TONS
Storage Tanks

89.458 M² Office Instalation

24.042 M² Warehousing

106.864 M² Housing

220.364 M² LAND AREA

The Vision

“To establish an international world class company in service and become a merket leader in Indonesia with global service quality”

About Us

PT. sarana Agro Nusantara (PT. SAN) is a freight forwarding company
which have its facilities and service as Storage tanks for palm oil and its fraction and olso molases, Warehousing for rubber, tea, cocoa, coffe and tobacco and freight forwarding services for export import documents


Our Mission

  • To Give the best services in bulking in order to archive customer satisfaction with consistency on controlled customers product quality, integrated management system, the accurate technology and fulfill international standard.
  • Gratifying and appreciate the human resources consistently and continously as company asset.
  • The Company always tries to accomplish the stakeholders concern.
  • Head Office

    The Head Office of PT. Sarana Agro Nusantara is located on Jl. Iman bonjol No. 24 A-B Medan, North Sumatra and possesses 2 (two) branch Office on jl. Ujung Baru, Belawan, North Sumatera and on Jl. Datuk Laksamana, Dumai, Riau.

  • Installation Location

    Belawan Instalation location built on an area of 58.058,7 square meters of land and Dumai Installation built on an area of 31.399,2 square meters of land. Both comprises an office building, storage tanks, warehouse, weight bridging, workshop, boilers, pumps intalation building, electricity power plant building, piping lines, etc.

  • Over 80 Years Experience

    Existing more than 80 years as service company and had well known reputation, we committed always to give the best, effective and efficient service with competitive serivice fare and supported by professional and experienced human resources and also good enough equipments.

  • Freight Forwarding Agency & PPJK

    Beside that our company also as a freight forwarding agency and manage custom service company for agricultural products and commodities.

  • Perusahaan Depo Peti Kemas

    Perusahaan PT. Sarana Agro Nusantara juga sebagai perusahaan Depo Peti Kemas diatas lahan 20.880 m2 di Gabion Belawan.

Head Office


Jalan Iman bonjol No 24 A-B medan (20151)
Telp. (061) 4568875, (061) 4576123
Fax (061) 4518654


Ka. CS
Lamhot Samosir : (0813 7698 8118)
Email : lamhot_samosir@yahoo.com

Unit Belawan


Jalan Ujung Baru Belawan (20411)
Fax (061)42069067


Ka. Unit Belawan
Teddy Zein Dalimunthe : (0812-6996-3488)
Email : teddyzein302@gmail.com

Unit Dumai


Jalan Datuk Laksamana, Dumai, Riau (28814)
Telp. +62-765-31226, +62-765-36429, +62-765-36430
Fax (0765) 31586


Ka. Unit Dumai
Jarwa Rahmanta : (0812-7602-264)/(0811-751-040)
Email : jarwarahmanta@gmail.com

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